‘Ange’ does not take risks, ‘Romero’ continues to play, with a head injury, must be careful

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Spurs boss Ange Postecoglu suggested a concussion to Christian Romero’s head forced him to be substituted early in the game. Even the players are not happy. But an event like this is better not to take risks.

Ange Postecogglu, manager of Tottenham Hotspur, admitted that the reason for replacing Christian Romero, the Argentinian defender. Left the field in the 14th minute after scoring a goal to give the ยูฟ่าเบท team the lead. Because this defensive line has received a concussion on the head. Therefore do not want to risk playing again in the game that draws with Brentford 2-2, the first game of both teams in the 2023-2024 Premier League season on Sunday, August 13th.

'Ange' does not take risks, 'Romero' continues to play, with a head injury, must be careful

The Aussie boss officially supervises the Golden Spur team, visiting the G-Tech Community Stadium and taking the lead first from Romero ‘s point-blank header in the 11th minute. However, another 3 minutes. He was later taken off and replaced by Davison Sanchez due to a previous injury sustained in a collision with Bryan Embermo. Before Spurs were eventually overtaken by two goals. And must be the party to chase the rivalry and collect 1 point back out

After the game, the Aussie coach said: “ Romero had a head bump. And the medical team was watching him all the time. Their information was that he was not very well. I wouldn’t risk it in that situation. And what we know is a head injury. We need to switch him off. Because we know what the impact is if we continue to play. Although the players seem fine. But he doesn’t know anything.”

The defender of the Argentine national team  after having checked the symptoms also use social media to confirm that He’s not much. Which should see him ready for next weekend’s game against Manchester United , stating that we are trying our best to win this game. but we can’t We will continue to improve the team. When he felt well not much  

The visitors finished with a record of 18 shots and 69 per cent possession. A big difference from last season ‘s defensive performance under Antonio Conte . Postecoglu admits his team lacks sharpness. But I’m sure they’ll get better. After losing Harry Kane, a key striker to Bayern Munich