“Celtic” beat “Hart” 2-0, becoming the top whiskey league title for the 53rd time.

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Celtic, under the control of Ange Postecoglu, also performed excellently, beating Hearts 2-0 to guarantee the Scottish Premiership for the second time in a row. That’s for sure Even though there are still 4 more games remaining. Along with becoming the champion for the 53rd time

The 2022-2023 Scottish Premiership football match was already won this season when Celtic beat Hearts 2-0 at Tynecastle Stadium on Sunday Last May 7. This has increased to 95 points from 34 games, leading 2nd place Rangers. An important rival who has 13 points in the same race. But has 4 games left to kick the program. The points are already missing. As a result, the UFABET team won the championship for the 53rd time. 

"Celtic" beat "Hart" 2-0, becoming the top whiskey league title for the 53rd time.

That match, the visiting team took the lead from Kyoko Furuhashi in the 67th minute. Bringing them the league’s next top scorer with 24 goals. While another came from substitute Oh Hyun-kyu in the minute. At 80, Celtic under the control of Ange Postecoglu retains the championship title. Having taken over in July 2021, he led the team to a trophy last season.

Callum McGregor, team captain, green and white zebra Came out to interview with joy that “This club wants success. You have to be the best team for 38 games and the best team wins the league. I am very happy and for the players, staff and fans today is a really special day.” 

Celtic also have a chance to win a third title of the season. after the first championship They beat Rangers 2-1 in the Scottish League Cup final on February 26, with one remaining in the Scottish Cup. list, which will meet with the black finals Inverness Caledonian on June 3 

No clubs have intervened beyond Celtic and Rangers, who have won the Scottish League title since Aberdeen won the Premier Division title in 1985, with the Light Blues  continuing to do so. The record has been won the most at 55 times, but it may soon be surpassed because in the last 12 years it has been Celtic  who have finished in first place 11 times.