Lampard was skeptical about this after the Toffees opened the home to score the swans

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Frank Lampard, Everton manager Satisfied with the work of the Blue Toffee team But expressed some frustration. After the Merseyside derby in which both teams tied in a thrilling 0-0 draw.

Everton boss Frank Lampard believes Liverpool ‘s Virgil van Dijk should have been carded in last night’s Merseyside derby. Say happened When the Dutch national team defender Opened the stud button to intercept the ball. But was too late to hit the ankle and shin of Amadou Onana instead. Which the referee Anthony Taylor gave only a yellow card. That’s not Lampard’s point of view. Those who believed the referee had made a mistake and were shocked that the foul was not subject to VAR rechecks for a red card.

Lampard was skeptical about this after the Toffees opened the home to score the swans

     “I love Virgil van Dijk, I think he’s great, but sometimes you get hit at the wrong time. And it looks bad,” the Toffees manager said in a post-match interview. “If you look at the moment he clashed with Amadou, It goes straight into the shin. and Amadou’s feet were on the ground. I was amazed that at this moment there was no VAR and the referee didn’t go in. “ For me, it’s a red card and it will definitely change the face of the game in the next 20 minutes.”

          “There was discussion before this derby and other derby games. about a bad extraction Directors have a duty to do. and in my opinion I think they made a mistake. ” So I talked about it yesterday and last season there were some bad things about my players and wrong judgments against us.

   However, the team’s “Taffy Blue” praised the work of the team. After showing impressive form in the latest English Premier League match at Goodison Park, Liverpool’s 0-0 draw with “Reds”, he believes that his Everton team have played well. And it’s one of the best 0-0 results in a game.

“ I think we played great together. It was one of the best 0-0 results you’d like to see. Jordan Pickford made some great saves. You need a goalkeeper like this in a UFABET game like this. It’s a game where both sides are full. I cannot blame the spirit of the players. We played better and better, we had enough chances to score today. And we didn’t come to focus on defending. We are trying to build a team. It felt like victory was coming. Even though it might not be today Football fans can see teams fighting for the club. and devote everything It makes me proud,” said Lampard.