‘Lewandowski’ admits he wants the Ballon d’Or again

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Barcelona striker Robert Lewandowski admits he still wants the Ballon d’Or he deserved in 2020, insists he doesn’t feel disrespected. And it will be a great honor. If the award is presented retrospectively,

during the 2019/20 Bayern Munich season, Lewandowski scored 55 goals in 47 matches, helping the “Southern Tigers” sweep all the Champions League trophies. , Bundesliga and DFB Pokal.

However, the COVID situation As a result. The annual Ballon d’Or event was cancelled. And even the following season, สมัคร ufabet Lewandha still maintains their form. Breaking the record for most goals in the Bundesliga, but the award goes to Lionel Messi.

During a media interview before helping Barcelona compete. With Valencia this Monday, the 35-year-old Polish striker was asked how he felt. Continued “Golden Ball”

“I had the best time of my career in 2020-2021 and during that time A friend just sent me the stats: I scored 100 goals in 85 games.”

“So, of course. I still really want to win the Ballon d’Or. It wasn’t anger at missing out on a prize. Or thinking about the past, but because 1 of those 2 years was my time ′

′ The 2021 award already went to Messi. But I heard rumors that the 2020 award would be given retrospectively, and that was the year I… Do the most outstanding work At that time I was at my peak and Bayern was the champion of every competition. “

If I get that award back in the next 4 years, I won’t feel disrespected. and will definitely accept it willingly Because it is a big honor for me.”