Rice’s chat with West Ham fan goes viral after ghost win 

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A chat between West Ham United captain Declan Rice and a Hammers fan went viral after the Hammers defeated Manchester United last night.

       A heartwarming photo of Declan Rice interacting with a West Ham fan after the Hammers’ win over Manchester United went viral. Rice was outstanding at the London Stadium, helping the Hammers to a narrow 1-0 victory, with Said Benrahma ‘s strike being the only difference in the UFABET game. This, after David de Gea ‘s big mistake, is equal to giving gifts to Algerian football stars. and after talking to the media after the game The Hammers captain caught a glimpse of a young fan who wanted to meet him.

Rice's chat with West Ham fan goes viral after ghost win 

          As the boy was escorted away by security, Rice met the eyes of the youngster, who couldn’t hold back his tears as he was excited to see the West Ham captain in person. “Okay, brother?” Rice said to the little boy. “If it’s okay, then why are you crying? Come on, good boy!!” he asked before hugging the youngster who later asked for Rice’s shirt. And the reaction of the Hammers midfielder was perfect.

          “You know what, I promised [Marcus] Rashford,” Rice joked. “Don’t let them see I’ll give him another one. Here you go.” The little girl was delighted with Rice’s gift. Then the two hugged again. Called Rice, it made the youngster’s dreams come true and gave him an unforgettable day. And this event has a lot of football fans who come to admire the said gesture of the captain of the Hammers team.

   The clip was first posted by the boy’s father, captioning it: “You are such a hero, Declan Rice, thank you so much if anyone can help me get an autograph. Please, because I don’t have a pen.” Rice himself answered the clip and promised to sign a shirt for me. “Seeing your son makes me happy. This is the real purpose of football! I’m happy to sign for you,” he emphasized. The video quickly went viral and a number of celebrities reacted to the adorable moment. Transfer expert Fabrizio Romano wrote: “Declan Rice was brilliant on and off the pitch. what a great player What a wonderful man.”

          on the club’s Twitter account Rice recorded a video for fans. After West Ham’s win over Manchester United, “West Ham fans, what a great night. What a great win,” he said. “Feeling your energy and feeling your support all along. Big win.” “Now into the semi-finals, fighting Irons.” West Ham’s victory took them up to 15th in the Premier League table. League and seven points clear of the relegation zone, and with the European semi-finals arriving on Thursday. There is still a chance it will become a memorable season for the Hammers.