Tuchel defended the player just unlucky + Moyes slammed VAR before attacking Bao’s room

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Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel defended one of his players after their Premier League win over West Ham. Narrowly, David Moyes lashed out at the role of the VAR referee.

Thomas Tuchel has defended Eduard Mendy and insists he is not worried about the Chelsea goalkeeper’s form. The Blues, who joined the Blues for a fee of £22m in 2020, were in another swing as his side beat West Ham 2-1 in the Premier League at Stamford. D Bridge last night.

Tuchel defended the player just unlucky + Moyes slammed VAR before attacking Bao's room

  The Senegalese goalkeeper was penalized in the 62nd minute for his light punch in the direction of Declan Rice. Before flowing in front of the goal for Mikel Antonio to charge sharply. Sending the ball into the net. Let the visiting team take the lead first. And the referee made another mistake in the 90th minute as. West Ham narrowly equalized when Maxwell Cornet repeatedly sent the ball into the goal. But the referee went back to look at VAR and forfeited the goal because it looked like Jorrod Bowen had fouled Mendy. In the rhythm of the previous clash

Mendy It helped Chelsea win the UEFA Champions League in 2021, but his performance has dropped since then. And he’s been having problems in many UFABET games this season. Tuchel admits ‘things are not going as they want’ but promises to continue to back Mendy. which he believed was in an unfortunate period.

          “I think he’s unlucky at the moment with what he’s doing,” Tuchel said of his No. 1 goalkeeper . he did a great job and in general He is always calm and reflects on himself. I realize he’s lacking a bit of luck at the moment.” “Things are not going the way he wants. If he has a situation where his actions are not 100% clear, he will be severely punished.” “He is in this moment. And it felt like it wasn’t much of his fault. I had that feeling because he tried everything, he was very calm and very focused. We will continue to support him.”

Tuchel felt VAR were right to forfeit the equalizer at Stamford Bridge, but David Moyes was unhappy with the decision. He also said that Mendy had faked a shoulder injury. And can convince the Lioness of the black shirt after going out to look at the monitor next to the field at the suggestion of VAR officer Jarred Gillette. “It’s a notorious decision. It’s a rotten decision from one of the referees who should be a high-level referee,” Moyestold Sky Sports . came out to grab the ball and it slipped out of his hand. After that, he pretended to hurt his shoulder.”

    “I was very surprised that VAR sent the referee to look at the screen. It was a very bad decision. Today there is no excuse why this ball is not a goal. None of them.” “The sad thing is our high level of judgment at this time. They got a new group of people to take control. to try to do something,” “I lost faith in them, the people in control of VAR, after watching it again. I can’t see why this ball wasn’t a goal . I haven’t seen anything like this in a long time. I’m ashamed of the people who control VAR more than the referees on the pitch. Because that tells me they don’t understand football at all. and should not be near the game If there are enough people they can allocate to control that screen.”

          And in addition to interviewing the referee,  talk SPORT revealed that before walking into the press room, Moyes stormed and scolded referee Andy Madley in the room , presumably causing him to be hit by the Football Association. a) British sanctioned regulations