Where can I play baccarat legally?

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   Whether it is legal or illegal, this must be seen by the law of the city where he allows gambling is illegal. Because if in Thailand it is already known that it is 100% wrong. But if it is in some countries that allow it to play A license is issued for the casino. This is not illegal. We can see that many online casino websites in Thailand are representatives from casinos of other countries. Therefore, just by applying as a member of an online casino. We can play baccarat online together.

how to play baccarat

        Baccarat, although it uses a large number of 416 cards. But actually in each game, only 2 cards per side are used unless a 3rd card is dealt together until the end. Then open the face of the UFABET card to see which side has the closest total of 9 points. Which side has more points wins that game. As for other rules, the deal will take care of themselves. As for the players, they only have to choose the side to place bets that the dealer will win. The player wins or equal. In addition, some tables also offer additional pairs of bets. However, there is only one winning rule: Has a total score closest to 9

How to count points for Baccarat cards

        The counting of Baccarat cards is based on the face of the cards that have a number of points starting from A (Aces) = 1, followed by 2 – 9. Part 10, J, Q, K will have a value of 0 (according to the name of the Baccarat card). ra) according to the picture

Where can I play baccarat legally?

        When counting points, points will be summed from face cards. For example, 3 and 4 will get 7 points, Q and K and 2 will get 2 points, because Q and K have a value of 0. But if the sum of points exceeds 9, the unit digits will be used to decide. For example: 9 and 5 make a total of 14, but only 4 are the unit digits.

        In deciding whether to lose or win will look at the total points. For example, the player’s side has 8 and 2 cards combined with 11. It is considered that the player’s side has only one point. And the banker side has A and 7 cards together 8 games. The banker side wins because it has superior points. or is the point closest to 9