7 ways to reduce the problem of large, clogged pores Come back smooth and bright.

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Girls who have problem with uneven facial skin or have problems with large pores Today we will invite you to know 7 ways to reduce the problem of large, clogged pores. Let’s come back to being smooth and bright. Let’s see what each method must do.

7 ways to reduce the problem of large, clogged pores Come back smooth and bright.

How to reduce large pores Smooth, fine skin in just 7 steps

Wash your face properly.
Washing your face is considered basic skin care. And it is an important step that helps keep your face smooth. For proper face washing, girls must wash their face using the double cleansing method by thoroughly wiping away makeup. Continue by washing your face with a gentle cleansing product. Then follow by using toner to prepare the facial skin for the next step of skin care. Importantly, do not use products that are corrosive or contain alcohol. And you shouldn’t rub your skin hard. Including having to gently blot your face. with a clean cloth as well

Use water-based facial care products.
Using water-based facial care products Helps add moisture to the skin well. Because it is a product that contains many types of active ingredients, it is suitable for women with large pores and oily skin. You should choose oil-free skin care products. This is because this product may result in excess oil accumulating on the โปรโมชั่น ufabet skin. and can make pores larger than before

Use a gel
cleanser. Gel cleanser. and does not contain oil or alcohol. It is considered a skin care product suitable for people with oily skin and large pores. It can wash oil from the pores well. As well as helping to reduce the size of pores to be smaller.

Always take care of your skin and keep it moisturized.
Keeping your skin moisturized at all times This can be achieved by using an oil-free moisturizer. This will help reduce the expansion of pores. Girls must wash their face thoroughly and pat the skin dry first. Then apply moisturizer to add moisture and softness to the skin. This method also helps the oil from the sebaceous glands to penetrate deeper into the skin. Instead of oil remaining in the pores on the surface of the skin,

Apply sunscreen every day.
Wearing sunscreen is an extremely effective form of skin protection. It is also a way to reduce the problem of large pores. As well as adjusting the skin condition to become smooth again. Therefore, to solve these problems, it is recommended that girls regularly apply sunscreen every day. To prevent the skin from being damaged by sunlight. The sun is considered an important factor that makes the skin easily face various problems.

Mask your skin with a clay mask.
Clay masks help remove excess oil from pores and help absorb sebum well. Reducing excess oil can prevent pores from enlarging. Therefore making the pores smaller as well. But using a clay mask should not be used on the same day that girls scrub their skin because it may cause the skin to become too irritated. and may easily cause acne.

Wipe off makeup thoroughly.
Wiping off all makeup. Helps reduce the problem of large pores and helps make the skin smooth. Especially before bed, girls. You should always give importance to thoroughly removing your makeup before going to bed. To prevent the problem of clogged pores and causing acne as a result.

Girls who are concerned or insecure about uneven facial skin, we recommend using these 7 methods to take care of your facial skin every day. These methods help make the pores of girls smaller and also help adjust the condition of the facial skin to be smoother than before.