7 wrong skin care habits Resulting in visibly enlarged pores.

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It cannot be denied that girls Everyone has their own way of taking care of their skin. Especially facial skin care There are usually several steps. and choose to use a variety of products But I must admit that Skin care for some girls may be classified as skin care that is not done properly. Today, we have compiled a list of wrong skin care habits that result in large pores to tell you ladies. Let’s come and check to see if they match the methods that girls use. Are you using it?

7 wrong skin care habits Resulting in visibly enlarged pores.

1. Using too many oil-reducing products
for girls with oily skin problems. Often choose to use skin care products that reduce oiliness. This is in the hope that the oiliness on the face will decrease. But if the product formula is used too much It will also destroy the natural oils that are coated on the skin. And that will result in very dry skin. causing the skin to produce more excess oil than usual And what will follow is larger pores than before.

2. Wash your face with hot water.
One of the beliefs of girls Another way to relax your face is using hot water to wash your face. Or some people choose to use this method because they think it opens their pores so they can deeply cleanse dirt. But did you know that this behavior may stimulate the skin to become more easily irritated? Sometimes it can cause a burning sensation on the skin. Weak skin condition Pores are clearly wide.

3. Squeeze, pick, or peel acne yourself.
It can be understood that different types of acne often annoy girls, causing them to often have to squeeze, pick, or peel them themselves. This behavior is what stimulates facial skin to become irritated. and results in the pores becoming many times larger than before. Moreover, what cannot be avoided is the appearance of small acne scars. On the face as well

4. Wiping off makeup and washing your face is not clean.
Always remember how tired you are from work. You must have time to remove makeup and wash your face thoroughly. Don’t do it just in passing. Because wiping off makeup or washing your face is not clean. is the cause of various skin problems Especially problems with acne and large pores.

5. Often leaves the skin dry and without nourishment.
Don’t think that dry skin doesn’t have a negative effect on your facial skin. Any ladies who have problems with dry skin? Don’t leave it dry and untreated. Because the dry skin is getting worse and worse. It will further stimulate the pores to widen. This is because the ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.app skin loses collagen and lacks elasticity.

6. Don’t give importance to applying sunscreen.
I believe there are girls. Many people do not give importance to wearing sunscreen. Even though sunscreen is an important item that helps protect the skin from being damaged by the sun. Importantly, sunscreen also helps protect the skin from weakening to the point of losing collagen. Which is one of the factors that can cause large pores.

7. Using blotting paper too often.
Any girls who have a habit of using blotting paper too often? Let me tell you that this behavior contributes to enlarged pores. Therefore, if you feel that your face is oily It should be absorbed but just enough. Don’t subtitle all the time. This may destroy the natural oils that protect the skin.

It can be seen that the wrong skin care behavior results in enlarged pores. This is mostly the way that girls Often used Therefore, you should carefully observe whether the pores on your face are enlarged or not. And what factors may contribute to enlarged pores? Because sometimes it’s the wrong way to take care of your skin. What is being done is possible.